these reasons which prevent the cult program of Laurent Fontaine and Pascal Bataille from being produced today

Laurent Fontaine and Pascal Bataille claim that the filming of unreleased numbers of Only the truth matters is not a project. According to them, several reasons would prevent the show from being produced today.

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A return with great fanfare for a cult show. This Thursday, September 15, C8 will broadcast a second best of issue of Only the truth matters: the most beautiful stories. In this unique format, the emblematic presenters Lawrence Fontaine and Pascal Battle comment on the declarations, laughter, tears and reunions of the guests who have made the great hours of their program. This one achieved a real audience success for its launch last week, despite a program turned upside down by the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II. Nearly 1.07 million viewers, or 5.4% of the public, were in front of the Eight.

A sufficient score to launch a new formula?

The excitement around Only the truth matters no longer needs to be proven. The latter even offers a second youth on the web and abroad. Fact, the programme’s YouTube channel has nearly 100 million views, 25 countries have adapted it. Therefore, filming new episodes of entertainment would be a possible idea, but with a few precautions. “There is no career plan (…). It’s a topic of conversation, nothing is set in stone, nothing is set in stone, but it’s not obvious to make new ones“, says Pascal Bataille in the Buzz-TV from Figaro. His friend, he raises a significant point. “There are plenty of ways today to find people through social networks. We would need less of a team like at the time with people who sometimes spent three months, even six months [à rechercher]“, observes Laurent Fontaine. But other substantial obstacles stand in the way of the duo.

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Future guests to protect

The columnist of TPMP People continues: “Second, guests would have to assume receiving tons of extremely violent messages“, he insists, aware of the excesses linked to media exposure. Thus, if C8 relaunches a new production, the pair will personally make sure to think “the repercussions left by social networks” in order to protect as much as possible the anonymous people who came to testify.

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