Thierry falls asleep in front of his barely arrived contender, the viewers can’t believe it

The profession of farmer is trying, it is not Thierry who will say the opposite. This Monday September 12 on M6, viewers were able to find one of the essential candidates of Love is in the meadow in a new episode of season 17. After going through the speed-dating stage, Thierry had decided to invite two of his suitors to his home: Renée and Sylviane.

However, not everything went as planned for the farmer. While Renée was the first to arrive from the candidate’s home, viewers were able to witness an unexpected moment. Thierry offers his guest to go take a nap, settling on the sofa. Renée will then slip away for a few minutes, but on her return, she will then find that her host has completely fallen asleep. On social networks, Internet users could not hold back their laughter at this improbable moment. “Not that, not now, not after all you’ve done“, “The cameraman must split the mouth“, “Percentage of effort: – 1000%! You are abusing Thierry” or “Rare photo of Thierry at his maximum seduction“, can we read on Twitter.



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