Thirteen years to go from web-series to a successful feature film

From the first images of the film, the tone is set with the appearance on the screen of youtubeurs McFly and Carlito into nuclear power plant technicians. This sequence opens The visitor from the future of Francois Descraques in a joyful delirium that spreads throughout this French science fiction comedy. The stake of the film: nothing less than the end of the world that must be stopped by a gang of space-time travelers tasked with stopping the course of tragic events.

“Florent Dorin, who embodies the Visitor, and I have each devoted thirteen years of our lives to Visitor from the futureexplains François Descraques to 20 minutes. He was 24 in 2009 when he directed the first of four seasons of a web-series which will total 45 million views before being released in comics, novels and board games. “That’s how I managed to edit the feature film,” he proudly displays.

In the spirit of “Kaamelott”

“In fact, we have grown and our budgets too, recognizes François Descraques. At first it was really a crazy thing between friends, then we started to work more seriously to write and design the film. » Arnaud Ducret and Enya Baroux have come to join the fine team in the role of an elected official who must sign a disastrous contract and his eco-friendly daughter. “We tried to make a film that would appeal to fans of the series and the general public. It’s not a season five. It’s as if I had adapted a series written by someone else. The result is successful: adventure, science fiction, gags and a delightful game with space-time. The spectator follows the Visitor and his gang, pursued by a brigade of bad guys, in various universes where we particularly appreciate a cave filled with resourceful children.

“The success of the feature film Kaamelott helped us a lot, insists François Descraques, because exhibitors realized that there was room for films like ours in their theaters. ” With its convincing special effects, its dialogues with the cord and a sympathetic ecological message, the film carries the adhesion. “I am proud to be part of this dynamic, says François Descraques. Our bet is that people will see the film at the cinema whether they know the series or not. » The visitor from the future is one of those ideal popular entertainments to bring back a large number of indoor spectators. It offers excellent moments of laughter and cinema.

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