this “click” which was at the origin of his radical professional retraining (VIDEO)

Thierry had marked season 9 of Love is in the meadow, especially thanks to her adorable mother, Carmen. If the goat farmer hadn’t found the right fit for the show’s cameras, he had nevertheless found love after his participation in the program. He had married Véronique, his companion, shortly after their love at first sight. Last year, he announced in the columns of The New Republic that he had changed career paths. I sold my farm. I was tired of working for nothing. I will look for another job, because I am only 56 years old. I am manual, resourceful, I can do anything! Véronique is still a childminder,” he revealed.

Love is in the meadow : Thierry and Véronique have decided to enjoy life

The two lovebirds now participate in Love seen from the meadow. They were present on the show yesterday, Monday, September 12, an opportunity for viewers to hear from them. Thierry just returned to his professional retraining and good news, he found work. “I stopped the farm, because it was no longer working. Now I am no longer a farmer. So I work in a municipality. I’m good in my skin“, welcomed the former candidate of the show. “I stopped the farm. Already I have more problems. It’s the finances, all there was to pay, no more borrowing”, he detailed. Véronique evoked with emotion the click which was at the origin of this 180° turn. What also changed is that I lost my dad in the space of a few hours and we said to ourselves, that’s it, it clicked, we said to ourselves: we have to to enjoy life“, explained Carmen’s daughter-in-law, supported by her husband.

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They criss-cross France in a motorhome

And to enjoy their new existence, the couple has acquired an impressive motorhome with which they travel the roads of France to meet the farmers of Love is in the meadow. “As soon as we can, we’ll see the people who made Love is in the meadow. We have already been to see Emeric, explained Thierry, photo in support. “We’re going to see Virginie”added her sweet. “The people of Love is in the meadowit’s a family, happy to see them”, completed the former farmer.

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