this firm rule that she established for her children at school

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For the past few years, the start of the school year has been a special moment for her. Mother of three children, Jenifer now brings her little tribe to the school gate. But before everyone gets in the car, the singer makes sure of one thing: that everyone has respected the clothing regulations, light, imposed by the former winner of the star Academy. “My sons are more sportswear and as much for clothes they are cool, as much for sneakers, they really know what they want and collect themshe explains to the media Feminine. But at home, we made a rule for school: no visible marks. They have integrated that well and it works perfectly that way.

Branded satchels had a cost…

Jenifer is a mother of three boys. Aaron, 18, fruit of his past love with Maxim Nucci. Joseph, 8, the child she had with actor Thierry Neuvic, and a 1-year-old, whose dad is her current husband, restaurateur and entrepreneur Ambroise Fieschi. If she introduced this rule, it is undoubtedly because, when she was young, her parents had made it a point of honor that she understood the value of money. “Branded satchels had a cost and obviously we couldn’t afford them every yearshe recalls. We passed them on to each other [avec ses cousines, NDLR.] and like…

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