this French TV host goes wild on the air and is convinced that she is spying on the royal family for a huge Netflix documentary!

This Thursday, September 8, Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last in her castle in Balmoral, Scotland. The members of the royal family immediately went to his bedside for a final farewell. Among them, his grandson, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle income for the sad circumstance in the UK. A reunion with the other people in the family who were more than tense. The Windsor clan having distanced itself from the prince and his wife, following the shock interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey in which Meghan unpacked her personal discomfort in the face of an overly demanding royal “label”. Two days later, although in the cold, the two brothers met to greet the British people, accompanied by their respective wives. Gathered for the occasion and having to show dignity, the tension between this quartet was more than palpable.

Convinced that she hides a microphone!

But what interested the columnists of the last part of TPMP People had absolutely nothing to do with the possible – or not – reconciliation of the two brothers. They preferred to describe in detail the outfit worn by… Meghan Markle! Matthieu Delormeau has indeed noticed that under the black dress of Harry’s wife were strange folds that could hide… a microphone! He is even sure of it! What would be the reason? Why would Meghan Markle, in such a sad time for the British monarchy, dare to record certain words from those around her? The answer would simply come from Netflix. The famous platform is currently preparing a documentary dedicated to the couple who preferred to move away from London to live in California. And it could be that the actress needs, for this current project, to provide some unforgettable sequences! A recurring guest on the set, Bertrand Deckers, expert on royal families, also confided on the set of TPMP People: “I hope that’s not it. Honestly I pray with both hands that it’s not that. But we know very well that the documentary with Netflix for which they signed is not yet finished and that they are still desperately looking for a strong sequence”.

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