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Shared medication reports, we have to start in 2018!

Meeting on September 11, section A of the Order of Pharmacists, representative unions, groups, the APR and students launched an appeal: ” Shared medication report, we have to start in 2018! ยป

The training rooms are full throughout France. The Ameli Pro site is finally up and running. The doctors have been made aware by the Health Insurance.

Pharmacists already involved are satisfied with the approach. She allowed them to strengthen ties with their patients and to initiate interprofessional exchanges very constructive. Pharmacists also work in cooperation with treating physicians to secure the care pathway for elderly polymedicated patients and improve their adherence to treatment.

This new dynamic is beneficial for patients because it reinforces the proper use of the drug and will reduce hospitalizations linked to iatrogenic accidents.

The future generation of pharmacists is particularly motivated by this evolution of the profession, centered on clinical pharmacy, and reinforcing the attractiveness of our profession.

The terms of remuneration are facilitated. Identification of ineligible patients has been improved.

Pharmacies will be paid in April 2019including those that would begin the reviews in the second half of 2018 and finalize them in 2019. Shared medication reviews represent a growth element to be taken into account!

Many regional unions of health professionals (URPS) and several pharmacy groups have built materials to support pharmacies and their teams to set up and roll out shared medication reviews under the right conditions.

The health insurance objectives (20 check-ups per year and per pharmacy) are accessible to all. Some pharmacies exceed the 50 assessments carried out in their confidentiality space, in nursing homes or at the patient’s home.

All the representatives of the profession invite community pharmacists to get involved now and to develop shared medication reviews. The challenge, you have understood, is collective as well as individual!

Everything is in place for pharmacies to take on this new mission!

Section A of the College of Pharmacists

Unions representing the profession




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