Tied Up Kids Aunt Reveals The Excuse Their Mom Gave Her

This is a dark case of child abuse, which was revealed at the end of August 2022, in Pas-de-Calais. Indeed, after several years of ordeal lived with his nine brothers and sisters, in his home in Noyelles-sous-Lens, Bryan recently decided to report his parents. As revealed by theAFP, September 4, 2022, “the prosecution was then notified on August 30 by a report from Social Assistance (ASE)”. The parents, whose father is 44 years old and mother, 40 years old, are then suspected of “subtraction by ascendant from legal obligations and violence against a minor aged 15 by ascendant, without ITT”. As the Béthune prosecutor had indicated to our colleagues, what the parents are accused of, “is above all the total lack of hygiene, and serious educational deficiencies, either the fact of not having taken care of normal for his children.

After alerting social services, Bryan also took the time to tell his story to the media. Monday, September 12, 2022, he thus returned to the set of TPMP, accompanied by his brother, Rudy, but also by his aunt, Magalie, who is his mother’s sister. And the latter did not hesitate to bring his testimony to Cyril Hanouna and his team. If she explained that she had already gone to her sister’s house, and had offered on several occasions to help with the disorder of the home, she also revealed that the couple had questionable methods in the education of (… )

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