Tina Kunakey: Vincent Cassel’s darling, sexy in a transparent dress at a wedding

We can say that she set the festivities on fire! Indeed, this week, Simon Porte Jacquemus said ” yes “ to Marco Maestri, in front of a delirious crowd. Suffice to say that a plethora of guests were present for the festivities. If we remember the wedding dress worn by one of the two spouses had the Web talking, that of a guest of honor also had its small effect. It is of course Tina Kunakey, the supermodel and wife of Vincent Cassel. It is therefore with an almost transparent dress, which has no nothing to envy to that of Hilona, ​​worn at the wedding of Laura Lempikawhich stole the show from that of the groom!

Tina Kunakey: Vincent Cassel’s companion was seen without her wedding ring

Tina Kunakey is hotter than ever. On Instagram, the beautiful brunette posted a photo of her dress worn at the wedding of one of her friends. If we know that the stars were legion at this wedding, the darling of Vincent Cassel had his moment of glory. It is clear that the model has aroused strong reactions, and especially many mentions likes to her last status. Transparent, in lace, she revealed her most classy lingerie. Sexy, but not vulgar… This is how the young woman set fire to the wedding of her friend Simon Porte Jacquemus.

What is certain is that Tina Kunakey had a good time, judging by the many photos that she took of the evening. Moments to immortalize, which she will treasure preciously. During the festivities, she spent a lot of time with comedian Fary and his partner, Amina. Not the shadow of her husband on the horizon? This was the other detail that intrigued Internet users. In addition to her outfit of the most beautiful effect, the French top model did not have her wedding ring on her ring finger. So what did that mean? As a reminder, she had married Vincent Cassel August 24, 2018. That is, 4 years before the wedding to which she was invited.

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