Tomorrowland and Sabam put an end to their conflict thanks to a partnership

The organizers of Tomorrowland not having wanted to give him a certain number of details on this subject, Sabam had then seized the courts. The copyright society was able to appoint an independent expert to inspect the festival’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 accounts. It then transpired that the statements made by the festival did not match the accounts. And the organizers had finally agreed to pay part of the difference to Sabam.

In 2013, Tomorrowland decided to put its cards on the table with Sabam, but the festival then challenged the bills, deeming them too high.

From now on, the copyright society will use “fingerprinting” technology so that the music played at Tomorrowland can be recognized automatically. “In this way, complete and accurate playlists will be established and copyrights will be distributed more accurately,” the statement read.

“We are delighted that, through consultation and open dialogue, we have reached a constructive collaboration. We are committed to being a reliable partner in supporting creative talent with Tomorrowland”, commented Steven De Keyser, CEO of the Sabam.


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