Trotskyist Philippe Poutou found work in the film industry

The NPA spokesman, a former presidential candidate, had been unemployed for three years after working for the Ford car factory.

“Engine!” If he won’t hear it anymore in car factories, Philippe Poutou should always be familiar with this word in his new job. Unemployed for three years after the closure of the Ford factory in Blanquefort (Gironde), the NPA spokesman is converting to the cinema industry within the company “Urban distribution”. He will be responsible for promoting “non-media” movies, as Monday explained The French Movie who revealed the information.

Still a city councilor… and spokesperson for the NPA

“I find myself completely in the values ​​defended by Urban’s films: anti-capitalism, anti-racism, feminism and ecology. It’s a real job, for which my new colleagues are training me, but I don’t feel like I’m contradicting myself.”affirmed the Trotskyist to the Parisian Wednesday, while confident that he “absolutely had to” that he finds a job.

By obtaining a half-time CDI, Philippe Poutou will be able to continue his mandate as municipal councilor of opposition in Bordeaux. He will also remain spokesperson for the NPA, on a voluntary basis. Three times presidential candidate (2012, 2017 and 2022), he should not however return there in five years. “Normally, I should not be a candidate!”, he said. Adding however: “I am very careful because I have already said twice that I will not go…”

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