United Kingdom: here is the composition of the new government

But having studied in elite schools and universities always seems to be a must.

Kwasi Kwarteng went through Eton College, the secondary school – for boys – of the royal family and the aristocracy of the whole world, where David Cameron and Boris Johnson passed before him, before going to Cambridge .

It is also in this prestigious university that Suella Braverman studied. James Cleverly was also privately educated before entering the army.

It is on social origin that we really need to make progress. […] We need more politicians who come from ordinary social backgrounds“, says Rob Ford, professor of political science at the University of Manchester.

But ethnicity matters“, he completes. “We hear people from minorities say: they (the politicians, editor’s note) do not represent us. It is therefore important to have people around the table who share these experiences of discrimination or racism.“.

With this new government, should we expect a pro-diversity policy? Some positions of the new ministers are already known.

Suella Braverman is admired on the right for her attacks on ideology”woke“, which denounces the injustices suffered by minorities but whose supposed excesses have become the bane of conservatives around the world.

She ardently supports the plan to send illegal migrants back to Rwanda, launched by her predecessor Priti Patel, whose parents were also from India.

I don’t think a diverse Conservative minister will necessarily have progressive views. […] Rather the opposite“, says Rob Ford.”They had a hard line on Rwanda, immigration. It’s easier for them to say certain things and reject accusations of racism“.

Some have extremely individualistic views“, adds the expert. “And their position is: ‘Anyone can succeed regardless of their social background“.

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