Vertonghen: “At 1-1, I was convinced that we were going to win”

Gonz├ílez: “At the start of the match we signed for a point but when we see the progress of the math we are disappointed. We had a good match, we could have won but it will be for the next time.”

Patris“We tried to use the space behind the Anderlecht team and it worked well. It’s true that at times we try to break the tempo a bit, but that’s football.”

Thorsteinsson: “We are obviously not happy with the result when we see the face of the match. We knew we were going to have a difficult match today and that is also why I am tired.”

Vertonghen: “It was not planned that I return to Belgium but I am happy to be back. When we equalize at 1 everywhere I was convinced that we were going to win this match and it is really frustrating. We want a positive spirit and it was better in the second half.”

Ait El Hadj: “OHL are a great team and they had a really good game today, it’s a shame not to win but we have to keep working and looking towards Thursday’s game. I’m happy to be back in Pro League after a few difficult weeks, I will always give everything for this club that I have loved since childhood.”

Mazzu: “The rise of Duranville was good and I’m happy for him. We have progressed in mentality and state of mind. I sincerely think that we deserve better than a draw today. I a great nucleus but it is important with the matches which will follow one another.”

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