“We don’t attack children”

Patrick Fiori, little Nahel’s coach in The Voice Kidsreturned to the attacks of which he was the victim after his passage in the tele-hook of TF1.

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On August 27, viewers of The Voice Kids discovered among the apprentice singers, Nahel, 11 years old. The young boy had chosen to interpret The Bourgeois of Jacques Brel. A performance that made the quartet of coaches turn around, made up of Julien Dore, Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac and Louane Emera but which earned him some criticism from Internet users… Indeed, his love for traditional French song and his oral fluency were attacked by some who saw arrogance in it. His parents then revealed to Tele-Leisure that Nahel is actually reached of disharmony, a pathology that is characterized by hypersensitivity with a form of high potential. Patrick Fiori reacts in turn to these attacks.

“We do not attack a child”says Patrick Fiori

The coach was unaware of Nahel’s pathology during his blind audition. “I was also not aware of these attacks, because I stay away from social networks“, he adds before declaring: “A child, we do not attack him, and with a pathology even less… Children, we accompany them by loving them, and by giving them a certain direction. It is my mission. Attacking a child at all, on social networks or elsewhere, I find it very small.” The singer to conclude about social networks: “They exhibit great qualities, but also have a great capacity to convey evil. There is real daily work to be done with the children.”

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Nahel did not want to talk about his pathology in The Voice Kids

Julie and Aziz, the parents of the young singer, explained to us why Nahel had not wished to communicate on his disharmony : “Nahel did not want to talk about his pathology on the air because he did not want it to be highlighted. And we respected his choice. But since there have been physical attacks and attacks on his way of being, which some even said he was overplaying… We wanted to restore a few elements to provide an explanation of what he was able to release during its passage.”

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