“We don’t need anyone!”

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant, returned to the Monza paddock on the stillborn partnership with Porsche.

Porsche and Red Bull will not be associated in Formula 1. While everything led to believe that an agreement was close, Porsche finally announced this morning that the discussions with Red Bull had not had a favorable end.

Red Bull did not want to open the capital of its Formula 1 team to the German car manufacturer. However, it was one of the requirements of the Stuttgart firm in order to make its return to the premier category of motorsport.

“We don’t need anyonedefends Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport consultant. During our discussions, it became very clear that this cooperation would not have brought any benefit to both parties. »

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“Red Bull Racing is in a good position. We have the fastest driver on the planet, Max Verstappen, until 2028. We have Adrian Newey, the best designer Formula 1 has ever seen. And we have an engine plant that was fully operational within 55 weeks, the first engine has already started. This means that we are completely self-sufficient and do not need anyone. »

The divorce with Porsche could do business for Honda, which is already considering a return to F1 as an engine manufacturer.

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