‘Wesh, touch me not brother’: Presnel Kimpembe’s shocking attitude towards the referee against Brest

A goal from Neymar (30th) and a save from Gianluigi Donnarumma from the penalty spot (70th) allowed PSG to tame Stade Brestois on Saturday afternoon and recover first place, briefly occupied by Lens on Friday. Very upset on the pitch after causing a penalty, Parisian defender Presnel Kimpembe has been talked about a lot since Sunday and the images revealed by the Amazon Prime Video broadcaster.

On this sequence unveiled by the L1 broadcaster on Sunday evening, we can see the captain of Paris Saint-Germain attacking verbally and in an unacceptable way Jérémie Pignard, the referee of this PSG-Brest. While he has just made a rather dangerous tackle on Cardona, tempers are heating up between the Parisians and the Brestois. The referee then comes to calm things down and separates several players including Presnel Kimpebe, already warned of a bristol.

And it is from this moment that the images make a lot of talk about them. The defender begins to invective the referee: “Wesh, don’t touch me brother! Why are you touching me? Don’t touch me!” While pushing Mr. Pignard’s arm with a brutal gesture. Despite this totally inappropriate behavior , the defender will not be warned of a second yellow card, but he will be injured a few seconds later and will be sidelined for at least a month.

It’s called karma.

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