What are the solutions to fight against dark circles?


  • The color of dark circles varies depending on the person and the pigmentation of their skin. These marks can be gray, blue or brown.
  • Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys to avoiding dark circles.

You sleep well, but yet you still notice the presence of dark circles under your eyes. Very often associated with fatigue, these grayish or bluish marks can be caused by factors other than a lack of sleep. Poor blood circulation or dysregulation of the lymphatic tissues can in particular favor their appearance.

Various causes

The lymph has a mission of purification within the organism. It collects certain waste, bacteria and damaged cells to evacuate them from the body or destroy them. When it is out of order, the lymph no longer correctly eliminates the pigments gathered under the skin. In this case, dark circles can settle under our lower eyelid. These traces can also be accompanied by puffiness.This disorder is visible, because the skin under the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive (four times thinner than the epidermis of the rest of the body)”explained Céline Graziani, director of SkinCeuticals training, to Current wife.

Other causes may be responsible for the occurrence of dark circles such as an allergy, a hormonal upheaval, an episode of stress or a state of intense fatigue. Heredity also plays a role. The dark circle is reflected by the pigmentation of the skin at the level of the lower eyelid, indicated Céline Graziani. “It is caused by an accumulation of melanin for fair skin, or even people with particularly thin skin, which easily reveals blood vessels”she told our colleagues.

In some cases, a poor lifestyle can be the source of dark circles. Consumption of alcohol or tobacco can lead to their appearance, as can frequent and intense exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. These habits can then generate water retention and trigger an accumulation of water and fat under the eyes that take the form of dark circles.

Change your lifestyle

First step to reduce dark circles: determine the responsible cause. If these marks are due, for example, to an unhealthy lifestyle, it is necessary to adopt new habits. We therefore forget the ultra-processed foods rich in saturated fats and sugars by opting for a healthy diet. Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants such as peppers, spinach, melon or sweet water potato helps fight against dark circles. These products rich in beta-carotene have a protective effect for sensitive skin. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water and practice regular physical activity.

Dark circles are often associated with more fragile and therefore more irritable skin. It is then necessary to adapt the beauty routine carried out around the eyes. We avoid treatments containing alcohol or perfume which can damage this area and we favor products with soothing active ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter) which are also moisturizing.

Two slices of fresh cucumber or ice cubes put in a towel can also be placed under the eyes in the morning. This gesture activates blood circulation and limits the occurrence of dark circles.

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