“What are you living on now? Your divorce?” Ayem Nour immediately attacked for her return to TPMP


After a whirlwind stint as a columnist in TPMPAyem Nour made his big comeback this Saturday, September 3, 2022 in TPMP People… And we can say that we experienced warmer receptions! From her presentation, the former host of the Mad Mag of NRJ12 was not spared. After recounting his surprise when he learned that she would be around the table, Matthieu Delormeau threw him straight: “You say everything and you do Ayem, or you don’t stay here because I want the truth“.

Ayem passes a real interrogation

You’ve been missing for years, where do you live now?“, then asks the one who had a very hot vacation. “You haven’t heard from me“, notes Ayem, before answering: “I live in the South. I withdrew from Paris and I isolated myself a little bit in the South, because I needed it“.”With who are you living ?“, asks the host again. “With my son“, reveals the columnist.

You were married to a gentleman who had some money, you divorced“, continues Matthieu, while the former candidate of Secret Story cuts him off, a little annoyed: “I was married to a simple gentleman“.

It’s my son’s money

I have a silly question, what do you live on?“, insists the one who clashed violently with Gilles Verdez. “I had a lot of…

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