What future for the royal family, without Elizabeth II: the separate “Firm” reunited again?

Neither will have had the sad comfort of a final farewell with their much-loved Granny: William and Harry arrived too late at Balmoral Castle. But both were able to mourn her together, alongside their father, King Charles III. Members of the Windsor family rushed to join Charles, Camilla and Anne, who arrived in Scotland first. And it was the grim face that William was seen driving the Range that brought Edward, Sophie and Andrew to the Scottish royal residence that Elizabeth II adored. Alas, the Queen had died, peacefully… Harry was closing the ballet of the very close, arrived from Germany without Meghan, and more than an hour and a half after the announcement of the death of the Queen. We will not have waited for his arrival to announce this major death to the world… Harry would not be the only member of his family to have arrived later, according to the Royal Watchers. But the Duke of Sussex occupies, it is true, a special place: the favorite grandson of the Queen, it was said, who took refuge in the United States to protect his wife, is no longer really in the small family papers. And the rants that he swung through the media did not help him. What will Harry’s place be now, when he has given up all official life since 2020? We had seen him with William for the funeral of Prince Philip. But they stood far apart during June’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Where Harry last saw his grandmother.

However, with the death of the Queen, a real page is turned, a new era begins. Will she be able to soften the public disgrace of Prince Andrew but above all reconcile the two brothers, William and Harry? What brings them together: they are the only ones to understand the realities of their predestined lives…

That said, the pitfalls are numerous: Prince Harry must publish before the end of the year a book of confidences which worries. Meghan Markle, who continues to “make family matters public“even though she pushed her couple to take a step back, disappoints the royal family even more, underlines the royal expert Katie Nicholl. Finally, if Harry becomes 5th in the order of succession, nothing changes for his title: Duke of Sussex, he is and remains. William, as the King’s eldest son, is Duke of Cambridge and now Duke of Cornwall. He should also become Prince of Wales, a title traditionally bestowed as a gift to the heir to the throne by the monarch. Making Kate the Princess of Wales… A sacred legacy because, even if the young woman has managed to free herself from comparisons with Lady Di, there is a whole symbol there, which could further widen the gap between the two brothers. .

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