what is season 4 worth, broadcast from this Monday, September 19?

Niemans and Delaunay, the head of the Central Office against blood crimes and his deputy, are looking into new cases in an unpublished season 4, still orchestrated by the novelist and screenwriter Jean-Christophe Grangé, and to discover from this Monday September 19 on France 2.

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This Monday, September 19, France 2 is launching season 4 of purple riversstill orchestrated by novelist and screenwriter Jean-Christophe GrangĂ© (who recently swung on the backstage of the cinema). And the solid duo of investigators formed by Commissioner Niemans (Olivier Marchal) and Lieutenant Delaunay (Erika Sainte) attack this new burst of episodes with shocking drama. After coming to a sudden stop on the rails, a bus full of children is hit head-on by a train. The driver, who got out of the vehicle a few moments earlier to inspect his vehicle, watched the scene helplessly. Who can blame innocent school children? Ball in the lead, advancing in the investigation with great assurance and apparent Olympian calm, the former BRI cop and his assistant will search in all directions to discover the truth, always assisted by an often zealous local bloodhound and in admiration of the commissioner’s prestigious feats of arms.

What is season 4 worth purple rivers ?

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In the discreet clothes of these shock cops, Olivier Marchal and Erika Sainte play two inseparable, held by a filial relationship as they analyze it since season 1: on the one hand the secretive and modest Pierre Niemans, seasoned cop returned from everything , on the other, the no less dark Camille Delaunay, who hides her weaknesses. If Olivier Marchal carries his charisma and his know-how as a former inspector with disconcerting ease, Erika Sainte lives up to her elder brother, without doing too much to make up for the difference in experience. The only regret that viewers could once again have: these first episodes do not give more information on the life, the past or the entourage of the characters… Let’s hope that the next six will delve into the other aspects of their personality.

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Olivier Marchal and Erika Sainte are not the only assets of the series. The choice of sets, very cinematographic, always responds to a search for very particular universes. The work of the cinematographer on the light – a steel blue filter in particular – brings an icy atmosphere and the contrasts are never very far from a twilight of the end of the world. The shots are neat and the casting of secondary roles, including Hubert Delattre as a gruff hunter in the first investigation, is excellent. Will season 4 be the last? This is what Olivier Marchal has always predicted since the start of the series. These episodes are therefore to be savored before the rivers dry up.

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