What is this brand new piece of the super sexy and ultra comfortable wardrobe that Zara and Mango have just declined in 12 must-haves?

Who said that the knit was reserved for sweaters and sweatshirts that dress us for the winter? Available for mid-season in openwork crochet knit pants or fine knit dresses, it’s the back-to-school knit skirt that catches our eye the most among all our fashion crushes! Sometimes bohemian with a pointelle knit, sometimes sexy with a mini skirt in colorful knit, sometimes comfy with a pleated midi knit skirt, it’s this irresistible comfy-sexy combo that attracts us and makes us want to wear it without moderation.

1 piece, 2 watchwords!

Sexy because the mesh is openwork, colorful and our legs are subtly revealed! Comfy because there’s nothing more comfortable, casual and relaxed than a soft knit, right? At the start of the school year, we wear a monochrome cream look with a beige crochet knit skirt or we put on a color-block quickdraw with a turquoise blue knit skirt by Zara and a candy pink top. And why not dare to wear tube skirts or short trapeze skirts at Mango to enhance your curves?

A terrific duo, 12 fashion nuggets

The flair of the stylists and buyers of our two favorite fashion brands… We love it! For the new season, it’s a slew of knit skirts that abound the capsules “back to work” of comeback. Striped, crochet, fine knit, checkered, pleated, ultra-colourful or nude… Falling in love is never far away. For the sharpest back-to-school look, we shift it in a casual-chic vein with a white cotton t-shirt and a heeled ankle boot, or we play it super boho with a vaporous macramé blouse and sandals tied at the ankle.

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