What to think of the Sporting de Charleroi transfer window? – All football

We were expecting one or two reinforcements from Sporting de Charleroi, but Edward Still saw nothing coming.

After the victory against La Gantoise, Edward Still was however clear during his post-match interview on the microphone of Eleven Sports: “Reinforcements? Yes, we are working on it, there should be targeted movements in the next two days”. However, no one came to fill the ranks of the Zebras.

The most optimistic will say one thing: this time, no one left at the end of the transfer window and the team was not weakened. For the others, who rightly believe that the team could have been strengthened, it’s grimace soup. But what type of profile could have strengthened the club?

Clearly, a top striker. It seems that Youssouph Badji has exhausted all his credit at Mambourg, he who is not even always included in the selection. The other summer arrival, Benbouali, has not yet been decisive and sometimes seems a little off the racing lines. An additional attacker would not have been superfluous.

Then, since the start of the season, the winger position has been shared between three men: Kayembe, Nkuba and Tchatchoua. When you know that the former thrives perfectly in the central defender role in a three-man defence, that doesn’t leave many other options. As for Mbenza, Edward Still sees him more as an inside winger. Nkuba and Tchatchoua will certainly have a hollow during the season and they will have to breathe. Here too a solution could have been found.

Until January, Edward Still will have to do with the current core. Some could therefore receive an unexpected chance, like Descotte. It’s up to them to seize this chance.

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