What will be the role of queen consort, now attributed to Camilla?

With the death ofElizabeth II, a new title has appeared in the royal family: that of queen consort. A role that now falls to Camilawife of Charles III. The attribution of this title was debated for years because of his affair with the one who was still Prince Charles, when he was married to Princess Diana. She could have become Princess Camilla and refused the title of queen consort.

Prince Philip, for his part, had refused any change of title. He did not want to become Prince Consort, Prince of the Commonwealth or Prince of the Realm (as was once envisioned by Winston Churchill). He therefore became, in 1957, a prince, and remained so all his life. However, Queen Elizabeth II had expressed, during her platinum jubilee, her “sincere wish” that Camilla would become queen consort when the time came.

Watch out for pens

The time has therefore come and with it, certain responsibilities. Indeed, the role of the queen consort is to accompany the king during his travels and when he is on official duty. But that’s not all.

As the King’s consort, the Queen Consort is one of the Councilors of State, alongside the four members of the Royal Family who are directly in the line of succession. And with this role, new responsibilities fall on him, as we learn on the official site of the royal family. “Councillors of State are authorized to perform most of the sovereign’s official duties, for example, attending Privy Council meetings, signing routine documents and receiving credentials from new Ambassadors to the UK.”

Let’s hope Camilla will have less pen hassle than her royal husband.

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