WhatsApp will allow businesses to assign specific chats to linked devices.

PARIS, Sept. 5 (Benin News / EP) –

WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow companies to assign conversations to specific linked devices, with the aim of offering new alternatives to using the Internet. the management of organizations.

In April, WABetaInfo announced that the company was working on implementing multi-device functionality in its enterprise application, which included a new layout and a new data management system. a subscription plan to expand the number of devices. (“smartphones”, tablets, etc.) that can be used on the same account.

Then the portal indicated that this multi-device mode, which supports up to four devices connected to the account, could be extended up to ten devices with a subscription that was in development for WhatsApp Business.

In this regard, WABetaInfo made another step forward a new feature in development, which will be free and exclusive to all commercial accounts.

Conversations can then be selected and associated with a specific device linked to the company’s WhatsApp account. So, if an organization takes advantage of the multi-device feature, will be able to manage communications individually from every smartphone.

As shared by this portal, via a screenshot, the app will notify users to inform them that the new feature is available on their business account.

Once activated, all devices that are connected to this profile will appear when they want assign a particular chat to a mobile or a specific tablet on which this WhatsApp account was opened. By choosing one of the available devices, this conversation will become part of the chosen mobile.

WABetaInfo reported that this feature was noticed in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS, but the official version will also be available in the Android version and desktop versions are coming soon.

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