Who are the priority people for vaccination?

In France, more than 150 million doses of vaccines have been administered in total since the start of the vaccination campaign. It is recommended for everyone from 5 years old with two doses, followed by a booster vaccination for all people aged 12 and over, according to the government site. vaccinationinfoservice.Fr. For minors, however, authorization is required from the persons holding parental authority.

The vaccination booster is mandatory for certain professions, particularly in the health field, a second booster is also recommended to them since July 26, 2022. In addition, a first booster dose is recommended for all people aged 12 and over, including including pregnant women. This booster is done 3 months after vaccination in adults aged 18 and over, and 6 months to do the booster in 12-17 year olds.

A second booster dose is then offered 3 months after the first booster for people immunocompromised, aged 80 and over or residents of EHPAH and USLD, and from 6 months after the first booster for people aged 60 to 79. People under the age of 60 at risk of severe form, with pregnant women and to people living in the entourage of fragile people from 6 months after the 1st reminder.

The comorbidities may increase risk factors for serious forms due to Covid-19 infection. the Ministry of Health and Prevention list these comorbidities:

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