Why does the actress keep a “deep disgust” for Alfred Hitchcock?

Model, Tippi Hedren was spotted by Alfred Hitchcock in 1963 for the film “The Birds”. Dressed by the greatest designers during the tests, she was propelled to Hollywood star thanks to the success of the film. Sudden glory, crowned with a Golden Globe, for which she will pay dearly…

If Grace Kelly had not become a princess, Nathalie Kay Hedren, better known by the first name of Tippi, would she have caught the eye of Alfred Hitchcock? And would she have become his muse, in two of his greatest films: The birds and No spring for Marnie ? Because, it is the departure for Monaco of Grace Kelly, in love with Prince Rainier, which brutally separates the British filmmaker from his muse. When an advertisement for a chocolate drink, seen on television, with Tippi Hedren, then a model who had just moved to Los Angeles, rushed things…

As the doc points out, Hitchcock, who is one of the kings of Hollywood, spent $200,000 at the time to get him to shoot essays. The filmmaker will then model her according to her fantasies, abusing her psychologically and physically, indirectly, on the set of Birds, after being fired. Tippi, 92 today, sums it up in one sentence: “Hitchcock? A man for whom I kept admiration, gratitude, but also a deep disgust.»

Actress Tippi Hedren: from cursed birds to wild beasts, Sunday September 18 at 10:50 p.m. on Arte.

Frederick Rapilly


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