why is Albert Dupontel’s film dedicated to a great name in comedy?

This Sunday, September 11, from 9:10 p.m., France 2 broadcasts the film Goodbye idiots by Albert Dupontel, in which he plays alongside Virginie Efira. But did you know that this feature film was dedicated to a big name in humor and comedy? We explain why.

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At the end of October 2020, the public was back in cinemas to discover Albert Dupontel’s new film, Goodbye idiots. A bittersweet comedy about depression, illness and parentage, in which the director and Virginie Efira embody modern Bonnie & Clyde. Whether the last punk of French cinema had said to himself “frustrated and sad about the botched exit” of the film in full curfew, the public and critical success will however be there: the feature film will be the big winner of the reopening of dark roomsbefore his coronation Caesar 2021.

Goodbye idiots by Albert Dupontel: the film dedicated to a Welsh comedian and actor who died in 2020

This Sunday, September 11, it is the viewers of France 2 who will be able to form their opinion on the film with the crazy trailer since it is broadcast from 9:10 p.m. on the public service. And they will be able to discover this sober dedication at the opening of the feature film: “To Terry Jones“. Does this name ring a bell? It was at the start of 2020 that this essential figure of Monty Python had died at 77a troupe of comedians who have marked both television and cinema (with in particular holy grail and Brian’s Life). And if Albert Dupontel admired the talent of the Welsh artist, the reciprocal was in order.

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Goodbye idiots : the film dedicated to an admirer of the work of Albert Dupontel

In 2020, in the columns of JDDthe Monthly Python terry gilliam thus confided:Terry Jones urged me to go with him to the London premiere of Creator so that I can discover its French director, whom he considered to be a wonderful young author. He had been amazed by the audacity of Berniethis is what had pushed him to embody God in this second film ofAlbert Dupontel“. Seven years after this experience, Terry Jones will honor him with his presence in Locked out in 2006, in which he played a homeless man.

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