Why the fictional actress Daval, broadcast on TF1, refused to meet Alexia’s mother

This Monday, September 12, 2022, TF1 broadcast “Le Mystère Daval”, a television film inspired by the Daval affair, a femicide that occurred in October 2017. To play the guilty husband, the production chose the actor Liam Baty. On the side of the parents of the victim, Jérôme Anger slips into the skin of Jean-Pierre Fouillot while Michèle Bernier plays Isabelle. Interviewed by our colleagues from Télé Star, the actress then confided in her role. A difficult role for her. ” It’s always quite complicated when it comes to a story that everyone knows. I didn’t want to copy or betray. Just give material to my character as I perceived it: a strong and determined woman, who supports her family and her son-in-law at arm’s length, even if it means crying in her corner… I was somewhere quite happy to look like so little to the person I had to embody. »

“The emotional charge was significant”

For the 66-year-old actress, it was a way to protect herself. “ I am an actress, but also a mother. We always put a bit of ourselves into what we play and I didn’t want to project myself into this drama that no one should experience. I almost wanted to forget that the TV movie was telling a true story to keep some distance, to remain the actress who follows the directions of a script. Nevertheless, even if I was well surrounded by the director and the other actors, the emotional charge was important. »

Although Michèle Bernier gave herself completely to embody her character, she explains that she did not want to meet Alexia Daval’s mother. “ The screenplay is based on a book (L’Affaire Alexia Daval – La vrai histoire, by Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois, editor’s note) which retraces the investigation, to which the screenwriter has added a few elements of fiction. I wanted to keep in mind that we were shooting a TV movie inspired by real events and not a docu-fiction. “Despite this desire to remain in fiction, Christophe Lamotte’s TV movie aroused strong reactions from Internet users who were divided.


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