Windows 11 Insider Dev (25193) And Beta (22621.590 And 22622.590) Channels Are Getting New Builds, Download Now

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Today, Microsoft released a trio of new builds in two Windows 11 insider channels, build 25193 for the dev channeland 22621.590 / 22622.590 for beta channel. Let’s take a look at what’s new during the download:

Beta channel 22621.590

This release, for the beta channel with new features disabled by default, only contains two fixes, and these are available for both beta channel varieties:

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Fixes for BOTH Build 22621.590 & Build 22622.590

  • We fixed an issue that affected cldflt.sys. A bug check occurs when used with Microsoft OneDrive.
  • We fixed an issue that affected robocopy. Robocopy fails to set a file to the correct modification time when using /IS

Beta channel 22622.590

For the version with new features enabled (if they were rolled out to you), there are a number of fixes. Fixed an issue preventing the Control Panel from starting from the Start menu, and the ability to “share a local file directly to OneDrive using the built-in Windows sharing window” was disabled, due to comments from initiates. “We hope to bring this feature back in the future after further refinement of the experience,” Microsoft says.

Additionally, there are a number of fixes for File Explorer and for the taskbar, discover them in the blog post.

Dev Channel 25193

The big problem with 25193 is that it introduces Xbox subscription management into the Windows 11 Settings app:

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass for Console, or Xbox Live Gold member, you’ll now be able to view your subscription details through Settings > Accounts.

Additionally, you will also be able to manage and upgrade your subscription, redeem gift card tokens, and be up to date on all actions needed to continue your subscriptions without any downtime.

Along with that, the ability to share local files to OneDrive using the Windows sharing window is also gone from this Dev Channel release (see above) and support for new braille displays in Narrator . There is the usual list of fixes and known issues, read them all on the blog post.

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