World Cup in Qatar: cafes and restaurants will be able to broadcast the matches for free

Overall, the watchword will be flexibility for this 2022 edition of the great football mass. Free admission will indeed be required for the HORECA sector if entry to establishments is free and the screen faces inwards.

Events organized on a recurring basis for at least four years such as fairs, fancy fairs and Christmas markets will also be able to broadcast the matches for free.

Events developed especially for the World Cup will also not be subject to a tariff, provided that they attract less than 500 people. For other gatherings, an advertising space credit will be claimed.

In the context of private events, a specific and regressive rate, proportional to the capacity of the venue and taking into account the match broadcast, will be claimed.

“There is food and drink in these elements. So much the better if the retransmission is free for the Horeca and the recurring matches. It’s a bit more of a shame for events with more than 500 people, but given the weather we can experience in our country in autumn and winter, we can imagine that we won’t have to do with major mobilizations, “said underlined MP Maroy.

In 2018, the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation unanimously adopted a motion for a resolution demanding exemption from broadcasting rights on large screens for municipalities and associations. The MP believes that this free admission is necessary to support “popular events that create cohesion and social ties.”

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