Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft reveals how the “Family and Friends” plan works.

The Xbox Game Pass family plan was detailed this week and offers more freedom than expected. In early August, Microsoft revealed it was running trials in Colombia and Ireland, but it was unclear how much it would cost or how the new subscription mode would actually work. Now, the Windows developer has created a page dedicated to “Game Pass Friends & Family”, find out more about the new feature below!

The new plan created for multiple participants of the Game Pass subscription not only allows family members, but also friends. This means you don’t have to live in the same house as the person who subscribes to Xbox Game Pass with you. According to Microsoft, participants in a “Family and Friends” plan only need to live in the same country.

Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family: How will it work?

According to Microsoft, the “Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family” will have the same benefits as Game Pass Ultimate for the 5 members allowed by the mode. This means that members will have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Live. In addition, they will be able to access Game Pass PC games.

Launch and availability

Microsoft indicates in its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that currently the company is testing the “Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family” in Colombia and Ireland, but other countries may be added in the coming months. The price of this plan is €21.99 per month in Ireland and 49,900 COP/month in Colombia.

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