Young patients are more likely to suffer from depression

the diabetes would have an effect on mental health. This is revealed by a scientific study published in the journal Diabetology. It is in particular type 2 diabetes that is concerned. People under the age of 40 who have it are 50% more likely to suffer from depression than people over the age of 50, explains an article from the Times relayed by Slate.

The psychological impact of this disease would therefore be greater on young people, who are more at risk of developing serious symptoms.

More and more depressive patients

In 2017, 43% of Britons with type 2 diabetes suffered from depression. They were 29% ten years earlier. The team of scientists analyzed 230,932 medical records and discovered that this increase could be linked to the increase in the number of young people developing the disease.

In the UK, type 2 diabetes normally develops in patients aged around 58 years. But the rise in the rate of obesity and bad lifestyles, particularly related to tobacco or food, means that more and more people are developing this diabetes before their 40s. They would be 122,780 in this case today, according to the British health system.

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